Corporation Makers
Your Expert Source For Nevada & California Corporations & LLC's, for both incorporating and forming  

About Corporation Makers

Corporation Makers is a Nevada based corporation that specializes in Nevada and California Corporations. It is not a law firm.

The owners are experienced business people who understand start-up issues, especially those facing the small business situation. Joel Schnur is a principal and founder of Corporation Makers. He has accumulated an immense amount of business savvy in his 30+ years of industrial experience. Having formed and managed several companies, he has garnered real world understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs and small business leaders. His experience includes product development, production management, systems integration, marketing, and executive management. Joel is a former professor at the University of Southern California and possesses several advanced degrees in Business. He has been interviewed and quoted widely in Business Week, Aviation Week, CIM Review, Datamation, and other professional journals. Joel is married, has two grown children and lives in both Nevada and California. Mr. Schnur is also listed in "Who's Who in the West".

His motivation for forming Corporation Makers was based upon an obvious need to provide a low cost means for businesses to properly structure and protect themselves. To that aim he has made a commitment that:

"Corporation Makers, by design will not make a lot of money; and by design, its' clients will save a lot of money."

We concentrate on Nevada, because they offer the best protection for business.

California on the other hand is one of the worst states to incorporate in because the state tends to be greedy and ruthless in its pursuit of the businessman. Their fees and taxes are among the worst in the nation. Their regulatory conditions know no bounds. But people must live and work there. So, we do offer a program, because we found a way to greatly reduce the costs associated with the incorporation process for businesses that must operate and locate in that state. The average California business can now save about $800 with our services.

If you are serious about incorporating your business then your BEST CHOICE IS CORPORATION MAKERS because of our: