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Why Nevada?

  • Nevada does not tax the income of corporations or individuals.

  • Nevada does not share information with the I.R.S. or other outside agencies.

  • Nevada's annual corporation fees are among the lowest, currently at $125.

  • Nevada respects your privacy. Stockholder, Director and Officer disclosure can be blocked from public access.

  • Meetings and activities are not required to be held within Nevada.

  • Officers and directors are protected from personal liability.

  • Directors do not have to be stockholders.

  • A Nevada Corporation can hold, transfer, purchase, or sell its' own stock.

  • A Nevada Corporation is virtually free to engage in any legal activity including issuing of stock for property, land, leases, services, etc.

  • The State of Nevada is friendly to business and minimizes taxes, regulations, and oversight of the corporate entity.
Gain Advantages When You Incorporate in Nevada


The key factor in making these important Nevada features work for you is to have your Corporation properly established in accordance with:

  1. The Nevada Statutes
  2. Your Specific Needs
Corporation Makers, Inc. does just that and also takes all of the pain out of creating your Nevada Corporation. We do it accurately, speedily, and at very low cost.

We can have you in business with your own new Nevada Corporation, in a very short time for as low as $309.


Now is the best time to incorporate in Nevada!!!


A corporation exists in its' own right. It is separate from all persons and other entities and is protected by the laws of the state. No other state protects the corporation and its' owners better than Nevada. Although the corporation is a resident of its' state of incorporation, the owners of that corporation do not have to be residents of Nevada, or for that matter, the United States.

Owners come and go, live and die, but the corporation lives on as long as it meets the requirements of the state. In Nevada this equates to filing an annual form and paying a very small fee.

Owners, officers and directors are protected from the liabilities of the corporation. As long as the dealings of the corporation do not involve fraud, the directors, owners, and officers will not be faced with lawsuits or seizure of personal assets resulting from the corporation's activities. All liabilities remain the corporation's responsibility.

Nevada is an avid pro-business state. As such, corporations and individuals do not incur state income taxes. Nevada also offers an umbrella of privacy. They resist any attempts to exchange information with outside agencies, including the I.R.S. No other state offers this extent of respect for your private business. That is why so many celebrities and notable individuals incorporate in Nevada.

Your role and affiliation with the corporation can remain your own deep dark secret. Shares may be issued and held in "bearer" form. The state requires very little personal information and therefore has very little to share anyway. The annual filing need only disclose one officer or director whose identity may become public record. But immediately thereafter, the corporation is free to hold a meeting at any time and change its' directors or officers at will, without any requirement to disclose those changes.

Do you wish to own land or other assets without anyone becoming aware of it? Let your Nevada corporation become the owner. Only its' name will appear on public documents and nobody will be the wiser that you in fact, own the corporation that owns the asset.

Just imagine! No state taxes. No liability exposure. Complete ownership privacy. Low, low incorporation and annual fees. Surely, your mind must be playing with specific advantages for your situation at this point. Your business, your personal assets, and new ventures can all benefit from incorporating wisely. The sooner you make these benefits work for you, the sooner you will reap the rewards.


Corporation Makers has been established for the purpose of launching and servicing your enterprise. We obtain your certified articles of incorporation, prepare by-laws, first meeting minutes and serve as your Registered Agent for a full year, all at a very low price. We also offer a deluxe kit that includes everything you need to properly manage your corporate affairs including; seal, stock certificates, easy to complete meeting minutes, federal ID, sub-chapter S, tax forms and instructions.

We are dedicated to SERVING and PROTECTING your interests at VERY LOW COST.