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Print the following form, fill in the requested information and then mail or fax your order to the location indicated. It will only take a few minutes and we will act immediately to form your corporation precisely as ordered. Need Help?
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I herewith submit my application for the creation of a new for-Profit Corporation.
     Select NEVADA_____ or CALIFORNIA_______

The name of my corporation is: (please print)
     First Choice  _________________________________
     Second Choice  _________________________________
     Third Choice  _________________________________

The number of shares of stock will be__________ at $_____ par value.
(We recommend 75,000 shares at $1.00 or less. Nevada charges higher fees for value in excess of $75,000. You may also select fewer shares, lower par values, or no par value.)

I name the following person as First Director of the corporation:

     Name  _______________________________    Phone  (____)__________

     Address  ________________    Fax  (____)__________

     City  ______________    State  ___    Zip  _______    Country  ____________

Select either the Deluxe or Basic option.
  NEVADA California
Deluxe Corporate Package (recommended) $399 $449
Basic Package $319 $369
Shipping Fee (applies to outside U.S. only) $90 $90
Rush Order Fee (optional, see below) $175 Included
Nevada Bank Account Set Up (optional)
   Includes $100 bank deposit
$160 N/A
Prepare Federal I.D.
   (optional, required for Bank set-up)
$25 $25
Office Services
   (Optional 6 month Service)
$175 N/A
TOTAL $________   or   $________

Please tell us what search engine you used to find this site:____________________
And the search term(s) used:_______________________

Check orders will be held for five working days. Please forward completed order form with payment to: Corporation Makers, Inc., 1100 Salem Rose, Las Vegas, NV 89144.

Rush Orders. The State of Nevada will expedite processing for an additional fee. This will shorten the delivery time by three weeks. If you need your incorporation documents within a few days (about 72 hours), then include the rush order fee and send your order via overnight mail, FEDEX or UPS to our physical address shown below or complete the following credit card form and FAX both forms to (818) 784-5739 for immediate handling.

Important! Sign the following authorization. I authorize Corporation Makers to process my order in accordance with the instructions above and for them to serve as the Resident Agent for one year from date of incorporation. I understand that Corporation Makers is not a law, tax, or accounting firm. Signature of First Director named above: _____________________________________________________

Notice: The State of Nevada will require a list of officers accompanied with an additional $325 within 60 days of incorporation and $325 annually thereafter. This fee includes a mandatory state business license.

Method of payment:    Check  _____    Credit Card  _____

Please forward completed order form with payment to:
Corporation Makers, Inc., 1100 Salem Rose, Las Vegas, NV 89144.

For Credit Card orders, complete the following form.


CARD NUMBER  ____________________________    EXP. DATE  ________

V CODE (last 3 digits on back of card)  ________________

CARDHOLDER NAME  ____________________________

              ADDRESS  _________________________________

              CITY  _____________________________________

              STATE  ___________    ZIP  _____________

I certify that I am the above named card holder and authorize payment for the incorporation services ordered on the attached form. I understand that Corporation Makers, Inc. guarantees to prepare and deliver a certified legal corporation, as ordered. Since Corporation Makers prepays all State fees, NO REFUNDS can be permitted.

AMOUNT AUTHORIZED___________________

CARD HOLDER SIGNATURE_______________________________________DATE__________

Fax both the order form and the credit card authorization to (818) 784-5739 or mail to: Corporation Makers, Inc., 1100 Salem Rose, Las Vegas, NV 89144.