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Why Incorporate?

Its the safest way to operate your business.

It is the lowest cost insurance you can buy for protection of your personal assets.

You heard about the woman who spilled hot coffee on herself and then sued McDonalds, and was awarded $180,000? Maybe McDonalds can afford it, but can you? Unplanned events happen.

  • Limit your liability
    Personal assets cannot be targets for creditors. Your home, car, savings will always remain untouched if you operate under the protection of the corporate umbrella.

  • Improve your tax picture
    Many benefits become fully deductible. Mixture of salary and dividends can minimize your taxes. In some situations, an S Corporation is the best choice because it prevents double taxation.

  • Privacy
    Ownership can be concealed from the public.

  • Stature
    Corporate image presents stronger marketing opportunities and improves access to financial sources.